• pastor Rob rotola

    Pastor Rob has served as the Senior Pastor of Word of Life Church in Wichita Kansas since July of 1989.

    Word of Life Church has pioneered several other soulwinning Churches, Christian schools, Childcare Centers, Counseling Centers, and City Outreaches in its mission to pursue Jesus, love people, and transform the world. John 17:21 is a key verse in the overall vision of Word of Life Church.

    Scripture declares that if the church can come together, it can be both a powerful tool for the Kingdom, and a crushing blow to the enemy! This is also true for those serving in governmental roles and those who serve the Lord as they serve people in business.

    City Elders Kansas was formed to join forces from the Church, Business, and Civic Leaders with the goal to transform the direction of our city and nation.

    Pastor Rob is an inspirational and positive Bible preacher, teacher, seminar speaker, advisor, and pastors’ pastor. He operates in the apostolic gift and has a true heart for people and unity.

    Pastor Rob and Debbie Rotola have been married for 42 years and have 5 grown children and 13 grandchildren

  • Vicky arrington

    Wife, Mom, Nana, and Jesus follower. Activist for the kingdom of God with a willingness and commitment to change my spheres of influence in family, government, culture and beyond to bring forth the kingdom of God here on earth. 

  • david griffis

    David made a public confession that Jesus was my Lord at the age of 13; worked as a businessman for 15 years in Dallas, TX; was a YWAM Missionary for 20 years; a Pastor and Hospice Chaplain for 6 years;A Hunger Relief missionary for 10 years.  (Heaven Sent Ministries)

    David is married to Lana and has, 9 Children and 19 grandchildren.

    His passions are praying, preaching, discipleship & saving souls for Jesus. 

  • pastor albert paredes

    Albert Paredes, considers it a privilege and honor to pastor a congregation in the city of Wichita. The vision at Praise Chapel is Win, Build, Send. They are 1) Winning people for the Lord, 2) Building disciples, and 3) Sending them out to fulfill the call on their life.

    Albert, his wife, and children were sent out from California to start a work in Wichita. They believe they are truly blessed to Shepard the people the Lord has sent to them! 

    Albert believes community leadership is part of his duty as a dedicated citizen, husband and father. His participation in City Elders is his contribution to the welfare and future safety of his family.  

  • chris rickerson

    In his youth, Chris tried to beat the system anyway he could.  Eventually, consequences were realized. After plea bargaining, and time on probation, he gained a new relationship with Jesus Christ, so he eventually changed his ways. Today, he uses his tough experiences to relate to people who are making the same mistakes he did; his organization helps them take a new and productive direction with their lives.


    According to Inc. Magazine,  “Elite Staffing Founder Chris Rickerson isn't just employing his workers, he's turning their lives around. His work has been featured in both The Wichita Eagle and Inc. Magazine. 

    Chris is most happy that his life was radically changed by a real relationship with Jesus, and that he uses his business to bring others to Him. 


    Today Chris is a business owner, husband and father, church member, and community leader.

  • kim gish

    Kim Gish is honored to be part of City Elders. She has been married to Jason for 28 years and they have 3 daughters. She has been an active member at Holy Cross Lutheran church and is proud to have sent her children through the Christian schools.

    For the past 10 years, Kim has been involved with helping Christian conservatives’ campaigns by raising funds through door knocks, and phone bank calls. Kim also sets up voter registration tables at gun shows and Christian/rural high schools.

    You may know Kim as a warrior, because during the recent 2 years she served as the district director for the amendment “Value Them Both.” Additionally, she has served on the Sedgwick County Republican board and has been a leader for rallies against the recent Drag Queens in Wichita. She also serves as district 85 precinct committee captain.

    “We owe our lives to the men and women who have served this country to keep us free. I am heartbroken to see what is happening to this great nation. It is our responsibility as citizens to fight for our liberties. If we allow this current administration to continue to destroy American, then the men and women who shed their blood for this land, died in vain. I cannot allow that to happen. I will fight for God’s word and truth until my last breath. I hope you believe the same and come join us!” Kim Gish

  • Bishop Wade moore

    Bishop Wade Moore has been married to his beautiful wife Linda for 34 years and together they have three wonderful children and five grandsons!

    Leaving extreme poverty and adversity, he has served in the U.S. Army; risen to management at Boeing Commercial Airplane Company; founded M.U.D. Man, Inc., which teaches for three principles of success M- Motivation! U-Unity! D- Discipline.

    Bishop Moore was one of the first “Living African-American Heroes” to be celebrated by the Denny’s Corporation!

    Bishop Moore opened Urban Preparatory Academy in August 2014! Urban Prep serves low income and working class families whose children would not have the opportunity to attend a private school or any school outside of the public schools. In 2023 Pastor Moore opened his second school, Urban Prep Academy South, in their church building.

    Bishop Moore has been a member of the Greater Wichita Ministerial League for the past several years. He served on the Executive Board for two years as Assistant Secretary before being voted in as President of the GWML. In 2013 Pastor Moore was selected as the NAACP Clergy of the Year for the Wichita Branch of the NAACP. He is a two-time recipient of the Greater Wichita Ministerial League Martin Luther King, Jr. Visions and Dreams Award, The Senator John Ingalls Award from the Kansas Policy Institute, the Sedgwick County Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners Award and other prestigious awards for his service in the Wichita community. Pastor Moore was blessed to be a part of the first School Choice Rally in the State at the Capital Building. Out of that rally, the first piece of legislation governing school choice was born. The Tax Credit Scholarship for Low Income Children enables families to make choices concerning their child’s educational journey!

    Bishop Moore has published his first book entitled “Forty Days Into the Miraculous.”

  • steve brunk

    Steve grew up in Wichita and attended Phillips University and Wichita State University.


    After college Steve worked for a lithograph company starting as a shelf stocker.  He was promoted to job estimator and later managed that department.  Additionally, he worked in production scheduling and management, and later became an account executive in sales and marketing.


    After a career in the corporate world, Steve became the sole owner and President of Brunk Realty, Inc. from 1982-present. His company specializes in residential sales, property management, and business brokerage. 


    Steve served in the Kansas Legislature for 13 years where he was Chairman

    Federal and State Affairs; Chairman Joint Committee State and Building Construction; Chairman Commerce and Labor; Majority Whip.  Other committee experiences included: Children and Families, Economic Development, Financial Institutions, Government Organization and Elections, Insurance, Taxation, Human Trafficking, numerous study and subcommittee assignments.


    From 2016-2018 Steve was the State Director and Policy Director for Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, the Kansas political cousin of Focus On the Family. 


    His volunteer contributions include: organizer and past president Spina Bifida Association of Kansas, lifetime board member Campus Ministry Network, and has served on numerous boards and organizations.


    Steve is a lifelong member of Central Christian Church where he is an elder and previous chairman of the elder board; a Sunday school teacher, and has served in a many volunteer positions.


    His greatest joy is being married 53 years to Billie.  They have two grown children and three grandchildren.

  • pastor doug ingmire

    Doug has served in youth, family, and pastoral ministries in and around Wichita since 1972.  He and his wife Janet have three grown children, 9 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

    He is a member of The Black Robe Regiment, an organization with its roots in the American Revolution. He is Pastor of the First Christian Church of Sedgwick, Kansas.

  • donna lippoldt

    Donna Lippoldt is the Founder and Executive Director of Culture Shield Network (CSN). She is a passionate speaker about Cultural issues facing our nation. CSN enjoys bringing experts into Kansas, for seminars and conferences, to show believers they can, and should, be involved in their culture. Speakers hosted have included, David Barton, Eric Metaxas and Jamie Winship. This year Donna celebrates 33 years of full-time ministry. Donna is the Mother of 5, Grandmother of 15, and has 4 great grandchildren.

  • debbie baker

    Debbie is a devoted Christian and political activist. She has served as a volunteer for numerous conservative political campaigns for nearly 30 years. She has knocked on thousands of doors, and has handed out Christian voter guides at a number of church campuses. She also serves pro-life organizations.