A Network of Elders United in Governing the Gates of Every City Across America

Here are the Prayers of the City Elders made together with churches in the Wichita Metroplex and the State of Kansas:
  • We Pray the redeeming power of the Blood of Jesus over this city, county and state.
  • We Pray the forces of hell and darkness have no authority, no legal rights and no jurisdiction to operate here.
  • We Pray the Kingdom of God has come to Wichita and the State of Kansas.
  • We Pray Jesus Christ is Lord over Wichita and the inhabitants are His inheritance.
  • We Pray the City of Wichita is:
    • – A Fortress of Faith
    • – A Garrison of Godliness
    • – A Stronghold of Righteousness
    • – Known as the City of Faith
  • We Pray that, as the people of God and the United Church of the Lord Jesus, we exercise our God-given authority to establish God’s kingdom and righteousness here and now, in the all-powerful name of Jesus! Amen!

The Role of a City Elders™ Council

Facilitate the unity of the Body of Christ

Provide a covering and accountability for civil government
Establish divine order in spiritual and civil governance

Be a hub of resources, connections, manpower for mobilization for the kingdom advancements

Protect the city and inhabitants from ungodly individuals rising to positions of power and influence

Prohibit the powers of darkness from infiltrating government systems or any structure of authority and making laws contrary to nature and nature’s God